We are looking for a few good volunteers!!

Like many non-profit organizations the Randolph County Heritage Museum relies on volunteer labor. The simple truth of the matter is this, we would not exist if it were not for people past and present who were willing to give freely of their time and money. Over the years there have been many. In fact, Pat Lambert has been volunteering her time since the museum opened. Maybe you once volunteered at the museum but left for some reason. If you fall into that category, we want you back. We want your skills, your labor, and your time. We see you as a valuable asset. As far as I am concerned, you are vital to keeping the doors open.

Currently we are looking for additional help at the museum. We need committed folks who will give one day a week and/or one Saturday a month to the museum. Some of you may be asking “what would we do all day at the museum?” To which I would say, “I am glad you asked.” You would greet visitors, answer their questions (we would provide training for that), man the gift shop, and answer the phone. There are many people in our community who could do that.

If you are looking for a worthy organization to volunteer your time and skills for, I urge you to consider the museum. Since I took over as director (I am a volunteer also) I have seen numerous people come through our museum. Some have been locals who have not visited in a while (some even thought we had closed permanently), while others were visiting our great county. For visitors the museum often leaves a lasting impression. Unfortunately, that impression can be good or bad. If they repeatedly encounter a locked door and closed museum, they leave shaking their head. After visiting our museum visitors should leave feeling welcomed to Pocahontas and Randolph County. So I will say again, “We are looking for a few good volunteers!” If you would like to volunteer or simply want to know more about volunteering at the museum email me, Rodney Harris at [email protected] or call me at 870-758-0486. I want to talk to you.