Randolph County Historical Society Historical Reviews

Published in the 1960s by the Randolph County Historical Society, each issue contained a wealth of county history. We’re trying to find all issues of this series. If you have any we don’t currently have online, please loan them to us to record for posting here. Thanks!

The Story of Futrell’s Hardware

A Futrell descendant, Matthew Walton, made this excellent video presentation about the wonderful Futrell’s Hardware in downtown Pocahontas.

Program from 1956 “Miss Randolph County”, “Miss Pocahontas”, and “Miss Centennial” Beauty Pageant

Director: Mrs. Mary Sallee
M.C.: Ted Rand
Music: Mrs. Owen Hudgins
Presenting: Miss Norma Sue Ward, Miss Randolph County and Miss Pocahontas of 1954-55, and Miss Peggy McFatridge, Miss Randolph County and Miss Pocahontas of 1955-56


Bates, Anna Frances
Carroll, Mary Rae
Clement, Betty
Haynes, Carilyn
Kincade, Patricia Ann
Liebhaber, Mary Katherine
Limbaugh, Peggy Sue

Long, Marbra Jean
Million, Barbara Ambertine
Perrin, Freda Marie
Thielemier, Stella Mae
Thomas, Elta Lee
Thomas, Rex Ann
Waymon, Shirley Anne

1914 Pocahontas High School “The Totem”

Vol. 1, No. 5 of “The Totem”, dated May 20, 1914. An amazing monthly school publication printed by Star Herald Printing, it’s more akin to a yearbook than a school newspaper. W. Ross Hooton’s 1914 copy, scanned and labeled 95 years later by Dr. Patrick Carroll.

There are a few unidentified photos. If you spot any long-lost family members here we’ve failed to identify, please let us know! Among those now identified are:

Allphin, Laverne
Bailey, Lonzo
Baker, Edna
Bennett, Hite
Bigger, Pearl
Bowers, Della
Bowers, Pearl
Boyd, Green
Campbell, Barto
Campbell, Reland
Chesser, Burley
Carter, Lucille
Childs, Harry
Childs, Lester
Craven, Charity
Craven, Eric
Danford, Agnes
Douglas, Dorcas
Douglas, Thursye
Dunklin, Allaire
Dunn, Isabel
Eaton, Helen
Edrington, Maude
Ely, Mary
Findley, Berna
Fry, Ola
Greer, Edith
Hall, Hazel
Hall, Kern
Halton, Sue
Hirst, Adaline
Holland, Loretta
Hooton, Ross
Hughes, Mildred
Hughes, Richard
Hulen, E. E.
Jackson, Nell
James, Feb
Johnson, Jennie
Johnson, Waldo
Johnson, Winnie
Jones, Blanche
Jones, Charlie
Kirkpatrick, Lewis
Knotts, Mae
Knotts, Pearl
Lucas, Stella Mae
Marshall, Dewey
Martin, Edgar
Martin, Edith
McCalister, Della
McCallister, Fannie
Mock, Claude
Mock, Notra
Paine, Ivan
Paine, Evan
Pettijohn, Mary
Pratt, Blanch
Presley, Jala
Price, Herbert
Purdy, George
Raglin, Brance
Shivley, James (Jim)
Stubblefield, Pearl
Thompson, Eugene
Thompson, Roy
Wiley, Clifford
Vermilyea, Anna

The Lynching of Cheverie

Accounts of a mob lynching that occurred in Pocahontas in 1901.

Old Randolph Courthouse Restoration, 1970’s

This summary of the 1970’s restoration of the old Randolph County courthouse comes from the papers of Paul and Rosemary Bowlin, who were active in the restoration project.

Thomas Drew

History of Pocahontas’ Founders:
Bettis and Drew

Historical account of Pocahontas’ founder, Ranson Bettis and his son-in-law, Arkansas’s third governor, Thomas Drew.

Thomas Stevenson Drew and the Settlement of Pocahontas
Copyright © 2007
by Carla Barringer Rabinowitz

Early photo of Thomas Drew